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The morning
2009/11/27 12:00

I hear of a way that make your English writing boosted especially for pass the exams is to practice writing the English diary everyday. As usual as I don't know this is a useful way or not, but at least I can sure that I don't have so much thing to write on one day.
My days full of pain and sores that there is only thing i can tell or write if I need to write what the hell the English diary which must be full of hatred thing.
My sentences like myself which is wordy and cumbersome, my life also.
If practicing writing can help something that is make people look closely clearly on themselves, that is to say, there are no such thing to say except one can face oneself.
Petty wordy, isn't it?

Today I waked up in a non-stress morning when I known I don't have a class in that morning.
But I know sooner or later I will full in depression because I need to go to school whatever they teach that they just don't teach me how to walk through my door of house without fear and depression.
How many knows the feeling that one put on their cloths and stand behind door or look through window and think, why is me? why is me that need to stand here and feel those feeling which most people don't feel?
why me?
Sometimes I will gratify that I don't use Chinese to say so, because people seem all tired to listening or reading my expression of this kind of thing. So many years passed by. However, people who wearied sill don't know what exactly I am.
I believe is educational or cultural system damage my potential or telnet, but my doctor doesn't think so. He said I like Nietzsche or Schopenhauer which don't like their life and this world that can't live with pleasure. I have nothing to say because I don't know too much about them. I have no more interesting on philosophers when my major is philosophy, I even hate that.
Much more, I hate them.
That's all my diary can tell today.

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