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2010/01/18 19:25
Now is my  winter vacation.
Good news is I can take a rest legally , bad news is I have no plain of relaxation because I don't know how to  do it. I was tormented by depression for long time that I hardly recognized what is pleased and pure pleasure.
I was considering doing something worth, but when I considered, nothing is worth for me. The value or worth is base on worldly thoughts, not my feeling or my stance.
I  don't want to write more stories or novels that no worth for single award, money and reputation. After all, I couldn't get those what I want.
I don't want to learn more like listening English teaching program,  repeat vocabularies and join any curriculum just for fun because I hate the examinations for English and I know I couldn't pass it unless I follow the step of cram school or any step that made for those examinations.This random note I've written and you are seeing is what I learned for testes and wish one day I can leave Taiwan, go abroad or something.
But now, that doesn't matter.
Just like I can't get an award and prize that let me buy anything I want, I can't leave here right now and go, live any place I like.
People said the life is fragile because you don't know how, when, where you die. I said the life is fixed even if it have sort of unpredictable elements because......for me, all the same, bad day.
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1樓. 夏雨季節,春梅
2010/01/18 20:34
wish you have a nice winter vacation
: )

I appreciated. 張子陽2010/01/19 11:35回覆