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新寫法part2. Something about love.
2009/11/18 22:32
You couldn't  know how i missed you those days as you couldn't know how important you became to me.

I don't have infallible grammar or graceful words and sentences to express my feeling of those day's depression and sort of terrible things happened to me. I don't know why when i think of a person who can share my feeling which make me comfortable that i think of you.

We don't have any connection that became a reason i am writing here.

I know no one like to read something i write because they have no a reason to get to know me whatever i am,  but i wish you are different.

Sounds strange, we use English to chat in a online game, my English is so poor that i need a electric dictionary by my side while you even can say that you love me.

I don't believe this kind of love which is unreal, but how could you know LOVE is like a sweet poison which attract one to take,  LOVE is like the spied web which when one seeks a hope that climb it regardless and know it would fall in an abyss eventually.

I don't know if your love like this or not.
Everyone who wants the love will believe that are not , but there are no such thing as a free lunch , even love.
Someone said I'm sentimental as you once said.
Someone said I'm rational as I'm working as a Chinese novel writer. (Really !! I emphasized.)
I'm a person who blends contradictory and total reverse characters, maybe that is the crucial part I wish you know before you say you love me next time.

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