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【2023秀岡校區】DAY5—10F 迎向挑戰不輕言放棄,磨練心志的魔王關——壽卡公路
2023/04/24 09:59


"Tap Tat Tat, Tat Tat Tat" along the way, the sound of bicycles came and went, and everyone walked briskly to the Shouka Highway against the wind.  The day before the departure, everyone experienced the sweltering heat and discomfort of the rain, but everyone relied on strong willpower to overcome this difficulty.  Before going to Shouka, everyone heard that Shouka is the most difficult part of the journey and also a section of the road that many seniors give up, so everyone faced this challenge with nervousness and anxiety.  The road in the morning is the uphill that everyone is afraid of. The entire 17-kilometer uphill section made our legs numb and sweaty. We were strong and successfully completed the 17-kilometer uphill. 
After eating bento at noon, everyone slept on their seats. After sleeping for a while and getting up, everyone dressed up and prepared to challenge the Shouka Demon King in the afternoon!  When we set off, everyone wore windbreakers because of the rain. We finally set off.  At the beginning of riding Shouka, everyone wanted to give up, but the students supported each other, and the leader also slowed down and hoped that we could keep up. He even said: "Dont give up! I heard you say you want to  Get down and lead the car!" There was a rest point halfway up the mountain, and the students who didnt catch up halfway also caught up at this time, and everyone continued to walk uphill for the last five kilometers. After riding a period of heavy fog, we reached the top of the mountain  , everyone was in a very happy mood. After taking a group photo, we slid down to Hengchun, Pingtung. We were very tired along the way, because we got up very early in the morning, and everyone had already ridden a long way. After riding into the urban area  We finally arrived at the hotel, ending todays ride.