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【2018單車環臺】DAY05─10E 炎炎日下 合力翻越最高峰
2018/04/23 13:38





Today, we got out of bed at an early 5 a.m., had a quick breakfast, and prepared to conquer the most demanding stage of our journey.

The distance we covered today, the one route connecting Tairung and Pingtung, dragged on for a whopping 115 kilometers. Going uphill took the better part of the road, which was agony for both the mind and the body.

Like the little joys in life, the progress made over each of the first three mountains gave a boost to our morale, even though many among us were exhausted after riding over three of those. The leader of this year’s round-island cycling had said that riding required three types of strength: physical strength, stamina, and willpower. The first mountain drained our physical strength, the second tested our stamina, and the third we managed to pull through with willpower.

While everyone gobbled down lunch, the sun slowly rose above our heads, and the increasingly hot weather announced the upcoming hardship ahead. After replenishing our fill of water, we were ready to conquer Shouka. The prospect of the ride downhill became our motivation.

Though excruciating, we made the climb through everyone’s encouragements and utmost effort. Originally an uphill mountain pass we looked up at in fear and worry, the 12(or 16)-km-long Shouka Slope slowly turned to one that wound downhill as we streaked across, surrounded by our classmates’ cheers. However, 20 more kilometers awaits. Our strength and spirit devastated, we made through the rest of the day with our willpower, while our legs became sore from treading, and our hands paralyzed from gripping the brakes; but we were mentally strong, as our hearts don’t allow us to give up.

We arrived the hotel, excited but weary. During dinner, reading the letters written to us by our parents, we discovered that their love can also strengthen us for the road ahead. With a lighter heart, we dragged our tired bodies to our rooms, completing today’s journey.