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【2018單車環臺】DAY08─1001 困境下的心靜 逆來順受下的成長
2018/04/24 09:57







   Burning sun whipping up our skin, our will to fight faded as the chirping of cicadas roses. To be honest, do we like to be on the cycling trip in a weather this hot? I’m not sure.

   Busy schedule, strict teachers, sometimes a nine hour sleep doesn’t even exist, but we still need to cheer up, drag our exhausted body to move on the next day.

   Cycling around Taiwan, is quite a challenge for sixteen year old students like us. Even though this is an extremely difficult to pick up the energy’s activity, we could find our happiness anyway. Mottled tree shadows sprinkle on us like fairies; find our favorite snacks on rest stops that we wouldn’t even spare a glance for it is now so sweet in our heart; the harmonious joy; “1001 fighting!”resounds through our heart when we hear it on endless roads; under the sunshine in parks, droplets flies between our laughters......

  These, are all the simple,  but beautiful happiness we have during this trip.

 Us that finished cycling around Taiwan, is sixteen this year.