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【2018單車環臺】DAY04─10D 微風吹乾淚水 留下的是堅定不移的友情
2018/04/20 14:27

      今天一大早出發,迎面而來的是綠油油的稻田與微微的清風,天氣令人神清氣爽。往下繼續騎,我們拍了一張全十年級的合照。因為今天我們班10D是第一個出發的班級, 所以在要拍大合照時等了比較久。但是在炎炎的太陽下大家還是耐心等待。在下一個休息站我們吃了冰冰涼涼的果凍,大家都露出了滿足的表情。


    Starting early in the morning, we were about to face several unknown challenges. The weather was refreshing. Most of us were attracted by the greenfield on the way. Continue on our way, the photo included all of the 10th grade. Because we were the first class to leave, it took a long time for us to take the photo. However, everyone still waited patiently under the scorching sun. At the next break we ate ice-cold jelly.

    At noon we sleep at the restaurant, not only gaining more strength but also, waiting for other classes. In the afternoon, the weather gradually cooled and our consciousness slowly declined. A steep slope was waiting for us to overcome. Although there was not enough motivation, thanks for our classmates’ encouragement we were able to tackled the challenge. The rain began to hit our faces as we closely approaching the hotel. But we didn’t give up, we continued to step on our pedals. Finally, we arrived safely at the hotel.

     Eventually, there were many tests on the road today, the energy that allowed us to move on was that we cooperated with each other and we had the same goal that we wanted to achieve.