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【2018單車環臺】DAY07─10G 親情下的避風港 無所畏懼的勇氣
2018/04/23 16:23










All of the sudden the seventh day of our cycling trip has come. Today is the day when the coming-of-age ceremony will be hold, also the first time we meet our parents through all these days.

Such a day with the sun shining bright made me felt energetic right from the morning. On a stifling day like this, with only the breezy winds blowing by is enough to make our day, time flies by quickly as if it was the running sweat of ours. As we got closer and closer to Jianxing Junior High school, the voices of parents cheering became clearer and clearer. The lively vibes made a wave of happiness flooded in me, giving us more confidence.

Approaching the gate of the school, my gaze locked on my parents. The only things I have in my eyes. Their smiles, as if flowers blooming. I could never describe how I had felt at that time.

Walking on the outside of the Confucius Temple, I was agitated and excited, heart pounding, blood bursting, thinking of the pedestrians passing by, I figured that most of them might never have had this kind of experience.

At the moment of the capping ceremony, the moment I kneeled to my father, the memories of these 15 years poured down all at once, with tears streaming down, I thought of my parents’ disbursement, I thought of the difficulties and troubles they’ve endured. My tears wouldn’t stop.

I ran into my mother’s arms, and told her what happened these days. I realized how important parents matter to us, and how much we need them. In my mother’s arms, it felt like I had found my home. I closed my eyes and quietly sniffed the soft scent on mother’s clothes, my tears started streaming down once again. I knew what I had missed, I missed my home, I wanted to go home.

That very second, I was back home.

With our family, anywhere could be our home.

The memories of this afternoon ended, in mother’s arms.

On our way cycling back to the hotel, I kept thinking about all kinds of throbs I’ve had during the coming-of-age ceremony.

I’ll never forget this day, I think.