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【2023秀岡校區】DAY1—10B 感受愛與關懷的溫暖力量,夢想旅途有你有我
2023/04/18 10:49



Our first day. After years and years of waiting, watching every year of the upper classman going on the cycling trip around taiwan, it is finally our turn. Although it feels unreal, seeing how much we’ve grown together as a class, it is time to test out chemistry and morale. Everyone, full of excitement and thrill for the upcoming days of our Cycling Around Taiwan journey, we packed our luggage, filled and ready. In the early morning of 7:30, we arrived at the gym, with our luggage ready. We signed in one by one, and all gathered. Listening to the instructors and principal give their speeches, we were encouraged and inspired, we were ready to go. Todays journey is known to be a slow, long, and painful route full of uphills…It was tiring, exhausting, draining, and difficult; nonetheless, every one of us tried our very best. When riding uphill up the 北宜 road, it felt like something or someone was pulling our whole body weight downwards through the ground, like gravity was against us. Feeling the weight of a large rock behind our backs, we wiped our sweat and endured all the muscle cramps; we drank and gulped all the water or any source of hydration given; we supported and helped each other along the whole day. Some gave others a push from the back to all get some riddance and speed, and some were chanting and yelling “gogogo!” throughout the whole way. The route in the afternoon was comparatively less difficult, we went 20km up and down, and 15 straight down. It was also astonishing to look at the view from the top of the mountain. In the end, it was a painful but memorable day, with all the love and support between classmates, it makes the 12 day journey of this event worth looking forward to!