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【2023秀岡校區】DAY12—10C 那一年,我們一起完成的環臺挑戰!感謝這趟美好旅途
2023/05/02 11:04



After a long eleven day bike trip, we have finally arrived at the end of our journey. On the very last day of our trip, we traveled from the Aspire Resort, Taoyuan all the way back to the Qingshan Campus. As the concept of "last day" continued to encourage us, we all tried our best to follow the class in the last parts, as we all wished we could arrive together at our destination.

Still, we all faced difficulties during the day. from the blazing sun to the continuous hills, from the passing cars to the forced stops at red lights... All of which challenged our minds and bodies after the long twelve day trip. Fortunately, under the voices of encouragement from peers, we all arrived safely at the end, and fulfilled our dream of cycling around Taiwan. We, of course, would not have been able to do it without the help of our others. Therefore we would like to thank all Giant employees and teachers, as well as leaders in our class, for keeping us safe, for passing orders, for directing traffic, for giving warnings; we wouldnt have received the certificate without them.