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【2018單車環臺】DAY02─10B 親近大地 體驗東台灣之美
2018/04/18 09:59

      今天是我們第二天環台。我們630起床, 收拾了行李準備去吃早飯。我們的早餐是吃自助餐,有非常多的選擇。吃完早飯,我們被分成兩組上火車。第一組在910上了火車,花了我們大約兩小時。



  Today was the second day of the biking trip around Taiwan. Waking up at 6:30, we hastily packed up our luggages, to get ready for breakfast. For breakfast, students had a variety of choice of food, because the school provided an excellent buffet service. After finishing breakfast, students are divided into 2 groups to aboard the train. The first group got on the train 10 minutes after 9 oclock. After getting off at Hualien Station, we practiced our team slogan for while before having our lunch. Lunch was much better than the day before, and everyone had a pleasant time. After filling up our stomachs, our class was to first to leave. The length of the ride is 30km, and the scenery was astonishing. On the way to the hotel, every student in every class.

    Finished the ride. In addition students were encouraging each other, to create a aurora of confidence. The first class arrived at 3:50pm, then so on. The first thing after getting off the bike, was to reflect with the Giant leader Cola for a briefing on todays performance. Then, every class went on the grass to finish off the day with a small exercise. Finishing the exercise, room keys were distributed out and every student was excited for the night. Open the room, every student ought to take a shower and wash their clothes. The remaining time is to let students rest. At 6pm, students should start digging in on their dinner. Because everyone was on time. The instructor, impressed enough, immediately let us start eating at 6. After dinner, was time for each class to do their chinese reflection on each county of Taiwan. Today, Yilan, Hualien and Taitung were reflected on.

    The Yilan was tremendously amazing, especially how the B class used the five senses to emphasize on the culture of Yilan. Sadly the reflection of Taitung was not completed, G class did not have enough time to finish off the ending. However, after all class reflections came student reflections. Two students, Lucas and Jumbo all had phenomenal speeches, with a loud, humours and clean voice. The instructor was surprised, and gave all students an addition of 15 minutes, before returning to their own rooms. Overall day two of biking around Taiwan was entertaining. It was a whole new experience and needed students to cooperate flawlessly to pull off. I am very proud of KCIS’s performance today and hope this years tenth grade can keep up with the performance same as today.