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【2018單車環臺】DAY09─1002 踏遍台灣 親近自然 重拾生長地的愛
2018/04/26 13:31




    My favorite view on this trip is the verdant pasture. With it, is a pungent smell, maybe it was the smell of livestocks, but still, its an unique experience. Looking up at the clear blue sky, nature is being inhaled through my nose. Although in this part of western Taiwan,  traffic is much lighter, the  scenery in Lukang is much more refined. Though the journey was long, the cool breeze slowly  the heart as the wind blows, immersing in the beautiful landscape.

    More or less, ones mind loosen under the scenery, feeling the passion of each corner. So far, Lukang is the only place that Ive came across with Starbucks, and its the only place I believe to have plenty of local culinary delicacy. If I can come to Lukang visit different scenery, no matter it is endless ocean, sunset, I only need to feel those beautiful views with my true heart. I believe me in Lukang can understand and impress more history informations and customs. I didnt grew up in Changhua county, therefore I felt really unfamiliar about Lukang. My curiosity towards this place motivates me to look around while biking. The view around here impressed me so much that it goes to the deepest part of my mind immediately.