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不敢打假學歷, 原因可能是....
2020/07/25 15:38

When that alleged fake thesis and PhD degree of Wonky Cai in LSE was in ferment last year, I wondered why KMT dared not attack her on such a disgraceful issue of personal integrity during the campaign.  I thought it might have been the pressure from the US (CIA) who ordered KMT, even British government, to shut up in the first place.  I still believe CIA might play an important role in there, but now I found another reason.

Recently, a plagiarism on the master thesis pertaining to the KMT nominee of the  Kaoshiung mayor re-election was debunked.  The "incident" must be the tip of the iceberg of the prevalent fake academic credentials in Taiwan, particularly among politicians, no matter of what camp.  I guess there might have had a tacit agreement between KMT and DPP on the veracity of Cais degree as well as those questionable ones of KMT big shots, and the "agreement" was witnessed by the US.  Ha!