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(兒子看完Harry Potter 4的) Not Good at Driving? Don’t Worry! Here’s the Knight Bus
2012/06/05 12:06

By 國小六年級Simon

Date: 2012/3/31

In the summer between the 2nd and the 3rd grade, Harry got so angry at the Dursleys (his aunt’s family, they are really annoying) that he used magic, which was not allowed to do out of Hogwart, on his aunt. After that (as the Dursleys were being shocked and trying to save Harry’s aunt out of his spell), he took his stuff and left the house. He walked for a long time. And then, a big, fancy-colored bus went straight toward him.

But Harry wasn’t even hurt at all. The bus driver, Stan, quickly stopped the car. Then, Harry quickly realized that the bus which almost hit him was called as the “Knight Bus”, and it was a car for wizards and witches that could go to everywhere on land. So Harry searched his pocket, took out the bunch of wizard coins his parents gave him and spent eleven coins called “Stickles” to take the Knight Bus to London, where some wizards and witches worked and lived. But Stan was pretty terrible at driving, so it kept crashing toward houses. Luckily, the Knight Bus was a kind of magic car, the magic was to make the things (including trees, buildings and cars) “jump” out the way when the bus got through. And pull them back soon after the bus past, so everyone will be safe. Because of the magic, Stan could drive safely even though he wasn’t good at driving.

I think Knight Bus is a useful bus for people who aren’t good at driving because it won’t hurt anyone when it crash toward something. If this car was on sale, I think the car companies, like BMW or Ferrari will be kick-out.