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(兒子的) The Plan to Reach My Dream Job
2012/06/05 12:10

By 國小六年級Simon

Date: 2012/3/31

My dream job is to be an internet application designer. It is wonderful that an internet application designer can take the bits he has written and turn them into a virtual world. To me, an internet application designer is not only computer programmer, but also a system designer who can help internet users for web or Machine-to-Machine communication, commerce or social networking.

I have always wondered how internet application designers create so many, cool and interesting programs. Therefore, I want to do this kind of thing when I grow up. But before that, I have to develop a plan to be an internet application designer. Let me tell you about the future I see. Just like PCs use the Windows operating system, I need to learn more about the “iOS”, the operating system for Apple iPhone and iPad, and the development tools to make APPs for the iOS. Also, I believe an open environment and neutral standards are necessary. Therefore, I also need to know about Google’s Android operating system.

Secondly, I would like to know how to better use multimedia tools, including video, locating-based mechanism, voice recognition and so on. As touch screens become more and more popular, everything could be controlled with just my finger. Siri has taught us one thing, one day you will learn more by talking in stead of reading. As a result, I will have to buy and collect more advanced knowledge and techniques.

Thirdly, I need to learn more about using existing programs like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and other famous programs. Therefore, as new ideas come to mind, I can express it immediately and share with others using those tools.

After I have learned all of this, I think I will be ready to become a good internet application designer. Then I can realize my dream to facilitate communication between people. For me, that’s a really great job!