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(兒子的) Argue for Reward Points
2012/06/05 11:44

By 國小六年級Simon

Date: 2012/3/15

When the sweeping time started yesterday afternoon, Jimmy and I started debating for the points. The points are according to our behavior in the class. The more you get, the more reward you can have, such like free deserts. Jimmy’s job was to clean up the blackboard and re-check the points. Besides doing these chores, he also had to subtract points from someone with bad behavior, such as coming late, or not to put the chairs to the right places.

My school pack was towed, so teacher let me put it on the floor during the sweeping time. But Jimmy pretended as if he didn’t know it and subtracted my points. Therefore I got so angry that I started to debate with him immediately. After we argued for a while, the teacher came to interrupt us. The teacher told us to go back to sweep and solve it tomorrow. The next day, the teacher told us to come to her and tell her how the thing happened. Jimmy and I told her the whole story. Finally, the teacher realized it and asked Jimmy to add my points back.

I think this is a good way to solve problems instead of debating because this way is faster and more friendly for both of us. I think maybe I should try to solve problems in this way.

訪客熱烈迴響│姓名:Ms. 蕭│留言日期:2012/3/16

Yes, I totally agree with you!