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(兒子看完Harry Potter 3的) If there is birthday, then there must be Deathday
2012/06/05 11:38

By 國小六年級Simon

Date: 2012/ 3/8

Nearly Headless Nick who was a ghost invited Harry, Ron and Hermione to his sooth deathday party in October. Actually, some people’s souls are special, so they will leave their souls in Hogwarts and become ghosts. Their job is to lead the fresh men to their own tower. However, ghosts get a deathday which was the day they died. But Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday was on October 31th which is the same day as Halloween, so Harry decided to join the party after the Halloween feast secretly.

On October 31th, after Harry, Ron and Hermione had a wonderful Halloween feast at the Great Hall, they went to Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday party. But the deathday “party” didn’t seem like a party, it seemed like a funeral. There were lines of candles and even a gravestone in the party. And except for Harry, Ron and Hermione, there was no human in the party. After they were amazed by the scaring decorating, they started to walk around. They helped themselves some food to eat and finally, Nick went to read his speech. When the speech was over, everyone, who is the hundreds of ghost cheered loudly. I think a deathday party was a interesting party because there were hundreds of “ghost” join instead of humans. I also think Harry, Ron and Hermione will probably had a unforgettable experience this time!

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