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(兒子的) Have Fun with My Cousins!
2012/06/05 11:30

By 國小六年級Simon

Date: 2012/2/28

There was a long holiday since this weekend, so my family decided to visit my uncle’s family.

At first, we went to their house to play for a while before we went window shopping at Global Mall. As soon as we arrived at Global Mall, we went to the restaurant to make a reservation because there was no seat available. After we made a reservation, we walked to the Gloden Stone Bookstore to read books. Then, we went to the Tom’s World to play some games.

The game prize was six bottles of bubble water, so we decided to go to the park on our way to my uncle’s home. But it was raining outside, so my cousins and I quickly went to my uncle’s home, took a baseball and a baseball glove, then rant to square in front of Welcome Supermarket, here there was roof over it to play catch and other interesting games, like using your hands to hit the ball or even use baseball to play dodge ball. We played until my aunt called us to come back home.

I had a LOT of fun playing with my cousins, so I think the planning before vacations is very important.