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(兒子的) The Incredible Magician, Dynamo
2012/06/04 10:36

By 國小五年級Simon

Date: 2011/06/27

My mom showed me a magician called Dynamo at night. Dynamo is a magician who was about twenty- two years old. Even though he is very young, he also has done a lot of “impossible” magic. And the one on TV is a magic that let him crosses the River Thames on foot. It means that he is really walking on the river water without use a bridge!

Did you see his magic show? There are some other magic shows from him. As I saw it, I was very surprised and shocking that I think his trick is good enough to exceed the word “magic”. I think his new TV show would be VERY popular. I think the idea to walk on water is very intelligent and incredible. I will be eager to watch his TV show even if I have to pay money.