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(兒子的) The House by Chance
2012/06/04 10:33

By 國小五年級Simon

Date: 2011/06/21

One of my father’s colleagues invited the others to go to his home, I-Lan for a trip in the weekend because he had just bought a house at I-Lan. Of course my whole family, except for my powerful grandmother, would go there with my father. We started our trip on Saturday afternoon.

As we got there, the colleague who invited us told us why he chose here to buy a house. It was because when he and his family went to I-Lan on a vacation, they went to a temple because they were hurried to go to restroom. After they went out, they noticed a tree that can take a cool rest. Luckily, there was a house on sale next to it, so they quickly bought it. After the story, we played for a while and returned. I think the house is great because there are three floors with lots of space. If I were my father’s colleague, I would buy the house, too. But if I had that house, I would make it cleaner.