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2022/11/22 15:15

The male giant panda Tuan Tuan passed away a couple days ago due to epilepsy.  He overcame much hindrance to arrive Taipei Zoo many years ago with his mate Yuan Yuan, and they, as well as their offspring, had brought people of Taiwan a lot of warmth, laughter and memories.  I think people should express sadness and reluctance to see such a loss, except two women.

Cai Yingwen, as an "animal lover", expressed her "sincere sympathy"  towards Biden at first time for his loss of a German shepherd.  But so far she has not say a word to the death of Tuan Tuan.  Where has the animal lover gone?  

Long Yingtai gloatingly described Tuan Tuan as a black-white ghost(黑白無常) in the first place, and then changed her words and addressed it a roly-poly black-white thing(黑白肥肥).  She even shamelessly asked Mainland to give away another panda to Taiwan.  What do you think you are?

In their mind, both Cai and Long harbor only the false, morbid idea of so-called democracy or civilization.  They have no idea of, not at all, what a noble mind of human is: humanity.    

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