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評論- 公司營運低於財測/預期
2022/05/19 14:40
昨天是寫有關於公司調高財測, 今天看到美國股市跌了千點之上, 其中一個因素是因為Target的獲利不好.

Target shares cratered nearly 25% after the retailer reported fiscal-first-quarter earnings that came up short of analyst estimates. 在報告了財務年度第一季獲利是低於(short of)分析師預期之後, 零售業者Target 的股價昨天幾乎下跌25%.

Targets earnings miss came one day after Walmart posted weaker-than-expected fiscal-first-quarter earnings and reduced its full-year profit forecast, as surging costs ate into the bottom line of the worlds biggest retailer. Target的獲利未達標是在一天之後, Walmart報告比預期弱的第一季獲利和調降全年度的獲利預期, 因為上漲的成本吃掉 ate into這個全球最大零售商的獲利bottom line. 作者提到成本的上升, 主要是因為高運輸成本和供應鏈的困擾 high transportation costs and supply chain woes.

Higher diesel prices are definitely standing out as a drag on operating margins unless these companies decide to raise prices to their customers. 作者也說上漲的柴油價格絕對會對營業利益率明顯地stand out成為一個拖累drag, 除非這些零售公司決定調高對顧客的價格.

The Dow Jones Industrial suffered its worst loss since 2020 as investors doubt the Fed will be able to deliver a soft landing as the inflation outlook might warrant much more aggressive tightening of monetary policy. 道瓊(昨天)遭受從2020年以來最大的下跌, 因為投資人懷疑美國聯儲會是不是可以交出一個軟著陸, 當通貨膨脹前景看似會合理化/允許warrant更積極的貨幣緊縮政策.


1. crater (可以用來形容"很大的"下跌.)
n. 火山口.(月環表面的)環形山. 彈坑, 隕石坑.
vt. vi. .使(形)成坑Artillery cratered the road. 大砲把路面轟得坑坑洼洼.
2. 未達, 低於公司或分析師的預估, 這文章是用short of, miss (名詞).
3. woe
n. 悲哀, 悲痛 Marys life was full of woe. 瑪麗的生活充滿著悲哀.
困難, 災難,不幸
He was faithful to me in weal and woe. 不管是在順境或是在逆境, 他一直對我忠誠.
She told him all her woes. 她向他傾訴全部苦惱.
int.感嘆詞 1.(表示痛苦,悲傷或悔恨)哎喲,唉
4. stand out
突出, 顯著 Fred was very tall and stood out in the crowd. 高大的弗雷德在人群中特別顯眼.
堅持 The national leadership signed the agreement, but several local unions are still standing out. 全國性的領導機構簽訂了協議, 但一些地方工會仍拒絕執行.
5. drag 拖曳. 可以用來形容對某事不利的一個因素, 事件.

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