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Poetic Flavor in Poetry
Edited by Hsu Chicheng; translated into English by Zhang Zihan
— Preface to the Chinese-English edition of poetry by my colleagues
By Hsu Chicheng
Yes, here we are! From all directions and different corners of the world. We are differently engaged, in agriculture or industry or business or teaching, inclusive of men and women. As a motley group of senior writers, most of us are retired, the most advanced in age is over 80. With great interest and gusto, we gather together by the periodical of Modern Chinese Poetry. When we made the plan for two years, yet five years have passed since 2014. Though our opinions vary, we try to seek commonness among differences, so as to make concerted efforts for a bright future. In spite of efforts and sweat of the brow, we walk on, bubbling over with great enthusiasm.
What, if asked, is our purpose? For poetry, of course.
We are all ardent lovers of poetry, and we are poets.
It is common knowledge that we, in the mortal world, do not only pursue material pleasures, but also we need to be nurtured by soft culture, particularly poetry. For us, poetry is the most important, for it is the tonic for the soul. In the age of fast development in science and technology, we are living in cities of tall buildings, grey space filled with tall walls which obstruct beautiful scenery. It does us no good if only with science and technology and without soft things to condition us. How can we bear to live, in such cold, dreary, cheerless days without humanity and humanistic cares? Where does our soul rest? Our monotonous days should be enlivened by soft and tender things, among which the best is poetry.
From the founding date of the periodical, five years have passed. It is our common wish to expand the influence, in order for our efforts not to be made in vain; therefore, we take some actions, including the publication of this Chinese-English version of poetry by my colleagues. We hope that this collection can cast a brick to attract jade, for our poetry to be shared by readers across the world, so as to join hands in uplifting human spirit and enhancing world culture.
Poetic flavor in poetry, as well as interest and beauty in poetry. Let us delight in poetry, bathing ourselves in peace and friendly emotion, so as to enjoy our beautiful@
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