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(兒子的)My First Time for the Open Table Tennis Tournament
2012/06/04 10:09

By 國小五年級Simon

Date: 2011/05/01

My favorite sport is table tennis because I really enjoy the fast footwork in games. Therefore I often call my dad and my friends to play table tennis with me. Unconsciously, I was in the fifth grade and I try to join my school team. But after I joined, there was a table tennis competition, Finance Cup Open Table Tennis Tournament.

Our school team was invited to attend this competition, and all the players are allowed to use their own table tennis bat to race even though the surfaces are not very complete. All I know about the tournament is that we will face the leading team at the beginning game. Then, the day we raced, our school team went to Ming Hu Elementary School’s activity center.

As we were in the ready position, the coach told our team not to be nervous and just do our best. I didn’t race at the first round, so I just watched and cheered loudly as I waited for my turn. As time passed, soon it was my turn to play with other racers, so I quickly got nervous again. My opponent is a tall tall boy who wore black glasses. He served first and gave me a shock by feeding me a fast-spin ball. I was a little hesitated and lost the chance to feat him back. However, as change end, I drove and smashed. So, I also got my points. However, he was quite good at flip and as the first game over, I was still a little bit behind my opponent. But the more I raced, the less nervous I got. For the second game, we were even.

Finally, my turn was all over. I lost, but I learned a lot of experience and have fun with other players. Even through our school’s table tennis team only got the 6th prize, we also had a great race time and got one icash card with 300 points to each other as the reward. To tell the truth, the icash is my favorite. I also have more confidence on my back drive because by using my shake hand grip, I have blocked the opponent’s shot several times. Therefore, I would like to train my drive against chop and hope to show off in the next race. Playing table tennis enables you to improve your hand-eye coordination and quicken your reflexes, hope you can enjoy this wonderful sport, just like me!