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紀念黃埔, 居然沒有抗戰的表述!
2024/06/18 09:19
2024 is the centennial of the founding of the Huangpu Military Academy, or Army Officers Academy. Both sides of the strait hold memorials for this one of the most significant events in modern China. Well, it is a good thing to start with for a bright outlook of Chinese people. (In Mainland China, there was a gala in the original site of the academy, and the national flags of the Republic of China, as well as the party flags of KMT, were fluttering all over the auditorium; whereas a student stumbled down due to heatstroke in the military parade performed in the academy located at Fengshan, here in Taiwan.)  

But today I got a message from LINE, as attached, which showed the introduction of a concert for the event held by the R.O.C. Military Academy purposely skipped one of the greatest feats achieved by the teachers and graduates of the academy: the War of Resistance Against Japan. What the hell?  DPP administration, is Japan your daddy?

I must tell you, DPP and its followers, you can teach no Chinese history to our kids, or even misinterpret the history, but you cannot make what had happened disappear!  



R.O.C. Military Academy Centennial Concert








The glorious history of the founding of R.O.C. Military Academy, which has been forging through

hundred years of trials and tribulations, carries the enthusiasm and patriotism of ambitious

youth and the passionate aspirations of heroes. These sentiments are transformed into songs

and melodies, from the Eastern Expedition and Northern Expedition to suppressing the commu-

nists and defending Taiwan. The spirit of R.O.C. Military Academy forever inspires us to march

forward bravely, to fight for the defense of democracy and freedom in the Republic of China, and

to stride toward the next glorious chapter. UNQTE
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