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試譯 柳永 雨霖鈴·寒蟬凄切
2023/12/02 13:51

寒蟬凄切,對長亭晚,驟雨初歇。Cicadas chiil, shrilly. In the evening hour before the pavillion, we are facing each other after a cloudburst.

都門帳飲無緒,留戀處,蘭舟催發。At the city gate, we are lingering late, drinking without saying much, and the boat is waiting for me to depart.

執手相看淚眼,竟無語凝噎。Hand in hand, eyes to eyes in tears, at last we burst into sobbing, but with words congealed on our lips.

念去去,千里煙波,暮靄沉沉楚天闊。I am on my way, far, far away. On miles and miles of misty ripples, the boat sails in the dusk clouds hanging low in the vast southern skies.

多情自古傷離別,更那堪冷落清秋節!Wrench is always hard to bear for lovers, not least on this clear autumn day that is so chilly!

今宵酒醒何處?楊柳岸,曉風殘月。Where shall I be found at daybreak after I am sober again? Will it be that the boat moors beside weeping willows in the waning moon and morning breeze?

此去經年, 應是良辰好景虛設。I will be away for years; all of these beautiful scenes must be in vain.

便縱有千種風情,更與何人說? To whom can I lay bare my heart, even if it is an open book?

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