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2018/02/13 15:53

Due to shortage of power and too much polluted air produced by burning coal as a replacement, Cai administration intended to restart operating nuclear plant II.  When was asked why making such a change as to betray DPPs sacrosant party line, "premier" Lai prevaricated and simply replied to the question with the answer that the aim of a non-nuke Taiwan by 2025 "remains unchanged".

How could Cai administration and DPP dare play fast and loose with people of Taiwan?  The root cause was quite simple: the islanders had been totally willing to be fooled by those imposters with machination but without statecraft.  Let me tell you guys, you deserve it!

FYI, according to some report, an online poll orchestrated by a Mainland website asked its audience that will they approve of Cai winning the 2020 reelection?  The result was quite amazing: among approximately 2,000 participants, 97% said yes.  The poll revealed a reality that most Mainlanders think Cai administration will accelerate degradation on Taiwans economy and society, and thus pave the way of a faster unification.  Jubilation!  So let Cai keep on doing what she wants to.  

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