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The Path of Truth
2012/02/01 16:10

The Knight's Dilemma

One never knows be it days,weeks,or years, when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.

In Merlin's Woods

Life is good when you accept it. Why do you always seek the answers to your question from others? However , a gift, to be a gift has to be accepted. Otherwise it lies like a burden between people.

The Path of Truth

There is a different battle to be fought on the Path of Truth. The fight will be learning to love yourself. It will begin with learning to know yourself. You're starting to see the differences in other forms of life because you're starting to see the differences within youeself. When you learn to accept instead of expect, you'll have fewer disappointment. If you had truly accepted yourself as beautiful, it wouldn't have mattered what she said. You wouldn't have been disappointed.

The Castle of Silence

I discovered that when I was with someone, I showed only my best image. I wouldn't let down my barriers and allow either myself or the other person to see what I was trying to hide. One must be alone to drop one's armor. You are just starting to listening to your real self.

The Castle of Knowledge

Knowledge is the light by which you shall find your way.

Have you mistaken need for love? He'd needed the love of Juliet and Christopher because he didn't love himself! He realized that if he didn't love himself, he couldn't love others. His need for them would get in the way. You can love others only to the extent that you love yourself. How do I begin to love myself? You already have just by knowing what you know. You know truth, and truth is love.

For this fruit, I impose no condition, but may you now learn about ambition.

This tree is doing exactly what apple trees are meant to do -- fulfilling its potential to the benefit of all. It can be the same with people when they have ambition from the heart.

Human being s were given two feet so that they would not have to stay in one place, but if they would stand still more often to accept and appreciate instead of running around to grab, they would truly understand ambition from the heart.

The Castle of Will and Daring

Fear and doubt are illusions. Selfknowledge can kill the dragon of Fear and Doubt. The dragon became still smaller as the knight continued to advance determinedly.

The Summit of Truth

Though this universe I own,

I possess not a thing,

for I cannot known the unknown

if to the known I cling.

He let go of all the judgements that he'd made against others. In that instant, he accepted full responsibility for his life, for the influence that people had had on it, and for the events that had shaped it. The recognition that he was the cause, not the effect, gave him a new feeling of power. He was now unafraid.

He'd let go of all that he'd feared and all he had known and possessed.His willingness to embrace the unknown had set him free. Now the universe was his to experience and enjoy.

For, indeed, the knight was the brook. He was the moon. He was the sun. He would be all these things at once now, and more, because he was one with the universe. He was love.

The beginning...

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