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牧師 Rick Warren 給大家的新年禮物 (轉載)
2023/01/05 23:05
Pastor Ricks Daily Hope

Happy New Year! I’m so excited for all God is going to do in your life and mine in 2023.

As you step into this new year, I want you to know that God has amazing goals for your life. He wants to see you grow in love and joy and peace. He wants to lead you on adventures of faith. And he wants to use you to make an eternal difference in people’s lives.

The specifics of your goals may look different from mine, but they’re all centered in the loving heart of a good God who wants what’s best for his children.

So to kick off this new year, I want to help you achieve your God-given goals with a free download called Goal Setting God’s Way.

Friend, 2023 is an incredible gift to you from God. And I pray your faith and joy deepen each and every day as you chase after the goals God’s placed in your heart. 

So download your free copy of Goal Setting God’s Way and step into 2023 excited for all God will do in your life.

I’m praying for you and I love you so much.

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