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How to choose a professional injection molding machine supplier
2022/09/15 14:41

How to choose a professional injection molding machine supplier? For most customers, it feels like there is no way to start, and I dont know how to compare the actual situation and choose a good injection mold machine manufacturer? Just compare the following three points.

The first point is to compare hardware devices. It depends on the hardware equipment of the other company, how is the product quality? Whether it can pass the test, the awards and honors won. This is a test method. And how about the companys brand reputation? At this time, the brand is the companys good promise to you.

The second point, the service level, is the service level, including the pre-sale service attitude, the professional level during the sale, and the comprehensive evaluation of the after-sale service.

The third point is corporate culture. A professional and responsible company first selects products for customers, selects products carefully, keeps improving in the production process, and is a considerate and thoughtful company in the future service process. This is the corporate person created by this corporate culture. Only when this corporate culture goes up can your quality and service quality be fundamentally improved.