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Why do camera prices fluctuate so much?
2022/10/18 14:46

Due to the shortage of raw materials, camera module manufacturers can only buy a small amount of raw materials each time. Due to the shortage of supply, the price of raw materials has also been rising all the way, and even some products are difficult to get the goods even if the price is increased so that the price of the camera also fluctuates.

At present, the SPI camera industry is facing two major problems: one is: insufficient capacity in the high-end field, and the other is the insufficient production capacity of ordinary products. In addition, the demand for cameras in the home economy has surged in a short period of time, but the production capacity of camera manufacturers cannot be expanded in time, and they cannot meet all the order needs. Because the supply is in short supply, the price naturally rises.

In fact, the quotations of high-definition cameras on the Internet are false. You need to consult with the camera manufacturers for details. It is understood that the materials of high-definition cameras are different, and their prices are also very different, so do not believe the quotations on the Internet. In fact, you can consult a few more Home camera source company, consult the products you need, and then make comparisons to find suitable camera module manufacturers to cooperate with.


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