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What are the advantages of stainless steel sculpture?
2022/09/14 14:43

Most of the stainless steel sculptures we often see are urban sculptures. Stainless steel sculptures have many advantages. Let me tell you what are the advantages of stainless steel sphere  sculptures.

1: Good corrosion resistance. The material of stainless steel is a very good corrosion-resistant material, and its resistance is also relatively strong, against the usual concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, atmosphere, water, and some solvents and oils. The anti-corrosion function of stainless steel can be applied to various aspects of the chemical industry.

2: The manufacturability is good. The material of stainless steel can be completely selected according to the shape of the designed product, the purpose of the product, and the performance of the product, and its craftsmanship is relatively simple, and it can be formed in only one time. The complex shape of the stainless steel sculpture highlights the outstanding Effect.

3: The designability is good. It can be designed according to the effect that the sculpture wants to present, and different sculpture products can be flexibly designed to meet the needs of the design flexibly.


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