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LED point light source - how should you choose
2022/10/26 15:46

Point light sources are commonly used lamps for building lighting and landscape lighting. How to choose led point light source  mainly depends on whether the use requirements and basic parameters meet the on-site environment. Lets talk about point light source parameters. How to choose lamps that meet the needs.

One of the main parameters of the point light source is the brightness. The brightness of the point light source is mainly determined by the luminous amount of a single LED lamp bead, the number of lamp beads, and the transmittance of the lens and shield.

Then there is the light-emitting angle. The larger the angle, the higher the light-emitting efficiency. With a small-angle LED lens, the light will shine farther.

There are also requirements for the color and function of lamps. Generally, point light sources include 7-color gradient (uncontrollable), 7-color or RGB control gradient, and monochrome. Can be selected according to functional needs.


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