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How to maintain the galvanized iron candle barrel?
2022/11/11 19:07

As long as the galvanized candle barrel is well maintained, the service life of the candle barrel can be ensured, so how do we maintain the galvanized candle bucket?

Before using the galvanized candle barrel, you can apply some oil on it, such as peanut oil and lard, so that the oil will cover a protective film on the surface of the galvanized iron barrel, which can withstand the chemical reaction of oxygen. In the future, if you find that the galvanized candle barrel turns black, dont use household steel wire to scrub it, and dont clean it with a detergent containing bleach. Although it will temporarily restore the original brightness, you will destroy the protective film. , in the future, as time goes by, you will become dirtier and dirtier, and your troubles will become more and more.

The correct way is to sprinkle detergent or decontamination powder on a soft cloth, dip it in a little water, then scrub, then clean it with clean water, put it in the field, and dry it naturally. Locally, there is no access to air, so the galvanized iron drum will corrode due to moisture.