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Which travel pet bag is good and how to choose?
2022/10/20 17:40

1. The comfort of the material; pets are just like our children. As parents, they attach great importance to the comfort of the bag and whether the material is safe or not.

2. The comfort of the space; if you want pets to stay in a small space for a period of time, it means that the space must be relatively spacious, so it is not recommended to use pet travel bag  without structural space in soft bags

3. Better air permeability; it is recommended not to buy airtight bags for pets. Imagine how comfortable we can stay in a glass cover with a few holes, is there a feeling that we cant breathe. Therefore, please choose a pet travel bag with good ventilation

4. High durability; some cats and dogs will be stressed or resisted when they first enter the bag, so they will scratch and bite. This is the time to test the durability of the bag, so I will also prefer scratch resistance when choosing. Biting pet pack.