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How to maintain men's shoes everyday
2022/10/25 15:08

1. Wear shoes when running

The slight friction with the ground for many years will still wear the sneakers, And if you wear running shoes and other sports such as basketball, it will increase the risk of injury while affecting the life of running shoes.

2. Put/take off the shoes in the right way

When we are in a hurry, we often plug our feet directly into the shoes. After a long time, it will cause irreversible deformation to the shoe part.

3. Putting on running shoes correctly

Different roads have a huge degree of wear on running shoes. In the case of conditions permit, try to run on a professional runway such as plastic. Friends who run every day, it is best to prepare more than two pairs of running shoes for replacement every day. Before you put on running shoes, it is best to place it in the ventilation for a day so that the running shoes have sufficient time to dry.


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