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2024/05/23 09:43

My wife and I had returned home from a stay of two weeks with my son, his wife, and my newborn baby granddaughter in Louisville, Colorado. But it was the two weeks without my cell phone.

Because the flight from San Jose to Denver changed ahead of the scheduled time at the last minute two weeks ago, we rushed to the airport, and in panic, I lost my phone somewhere in the security belt. When I realized this, I proceeded to the counter and asked whether anybody had turned in my lost phone, but the answer was no. There was no time for me to do anything else but rush to the boarding gate. 

My wife asked my daughter to help. She then found the website of the lost and found of the San Jose airport and reported my missing phone. A couple of days later, the website responded that they found my phone, and my daughter came to the airport to fetch it back for me. Good girl!

My phone is a six-year-old Huawei. I do not use it to play games, watch movies, or take photos. The most things the phone working for me now are just acting as the electronic Chinese and English dictionaries and a platform of messages garnered from LINE and other sources. So, it is like a walking tutor to me. 

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