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試譯 柳宗元 小石潭記
2024/02/17 12:09


Two hundred and twenty steps from the rock pool, there is a bamboo grove where we could hear the jade-like ding-dong of the water. Delighted, I chopped down the bamboos and paved a way, then I caught sight of the pool. The water there was crystal clear and cool, and I found the bottom of the pool to be a piece of whole rock. Nearing the pool banks, the bottom of the rocks appear out of water and protrude in different shapes: high lands, tiny islets, uneven stones, and stone blocks. The green trees and emerald vines are entwined and hidden, randomly swinging in the wind. 


There are around a hundred fish in the pool, seemingly all swimming in the air without any support. The sunlight projects onto the bottom, and so the images of fish are reflected on the rock, leisurely standing there, unmoving. Suddenly, they swim to other places, to and fro, like having fun with the visitors. 


Looking southwesterly, we can see the stream flow like the winding Big Dipper or a sinuous snake, sometimes visible, sometimes not. The lay of the land is so jagged that we are unable to know where the stream begins.


We sat by the pool; except for the surrounding bamboo groves and trees, there were no other people. We felt lonesome and chilly in this ambience of extreme tranquility and remoteness, which made us think we could not linger here too long. Therefore, I jotted down what I had seen and left.


My companions are Wu Wuling, Gong Gu, and my cousin Zongxuan. Another two young fellows with us are Cui Shuji and Cui Fengyi.