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"綠能, 你不能." 發生在我身上.
2023/12/04 11:00

Someone ousted me as a member of the classmate LINE group again. He accused me of making him sick so deeply that he could not digest normally during this hot election time.

Actually, most of my postings in the group are my writing and translation, which focus on saving Chinese culture from the anti-China "movement" now under way in Taiwan. For example, the most recent one was a repost in which the principal of Chien-kuo H/S refused to take orders from DPP authorities to remove the traditional four codes of ethics from teaching. Anyway, my postings exasperated him and other Taidu advocates. They said it was I who had violated the unspoken rule of the group: not to talk about politics, religion, direct selling, and other sensitive issues.

In fact, I remember I told you before that years ago, a classmate in the group complained that he was the victim of the pension reform for retired public servants. It was quite a normal readtion for a retiree from public service, wasnt it? But those Taidu advocates warned him starkly and thus made him shout up ever since. Well, not before long, those guys sneaked in on the sly to occupy the opinion field, expressing their pro-DPP and Taidu openly without any cover-up.

What they had been doing was quite a typical DPP, right? You cannot do what I can!

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