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2022/05/16 00:17
衷心感謝 您對我的讚美與鼓勵 😊☺️ and also thanks deeply for your warm greetings.

I am doing great. Hope all is well with you too.

I have been too busy in travelling and writing/publishing in other places (e.g., book, newspaper, and magazine, etc.) so I don't have as much time in tending my backyard garden.

您太會搞笑啦 🙃😏🤪🤓

告訴自己務必記得、以後 [每一天] 都不應該罵先生
2022/02/03 12:06

感謝土豆賢伉儷來蔽格賞光拜年,真是蓬蓽生輝 ~~~


謹祝貴府闔家平安健康、富貴連年 ~~~ 閃

Celine_醫院半日遊2022/02/04 13:01 回覆