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試譯 歐陽修"醉翁亭記"
2019/12/02 10:17


Surrounding Chuzhou are all mountains, among them hills, forests, and valleys in the southwest are particularly beautiful.  Noticeably standing there is that deep, quiet, elegant and luxuriant Mt. Langya.  Walking along the hills, people can gradually hear the murmuring stream flow through the channel out of Spring Liang.  At the end of sinuous hills and trails, standing on top of the spring is a gazebo, shaped like a bird spreading its wings and getting ready for flight.  It is Old Drunkard Gazebo.  Who built the gazebo?  It was Zhixian, a monk on the mountain.  Who named the gazebo?  It was the magistrate who named the gazebo after his nickname.  The magistrate repairs to the place with his friends, and often intoxicates himself with little drink; therefore he, the eldest one among the drinkers, names the gazebo Old Drunkard.  Well, drinkers heart is not in the cup, but in the scenery with hills and waters.  So their joyful thoughts on the landscape are enbodied through the wine in cups.      


When the sun rises, fog in the valley begins to disperse.  When clouds gather and the valley becomes dusky.  Likewise, the change from brightness to dimness of the valley represents the one from dawn to dusk. Wild flowers blossom, emitting faint fragrance; solid trees grow, providing leafy shades; breeze blows and frost falls, bringing crisp air; the water subsides, emerging the rocks.  These are the scenry of four seasons in the valley.  Going to the valley in the morning and coming back in the evening, people can enjoy watching the different landscapes of four seasons and find a lot of pleasure in there. 


As of those carrying things and chanting songs in the trails, passers-by resting beneath trees, echoing to each other, strolling along the hunchbacked and the kids in the hands of their parents, and all others bustling on the road are all tourists from Chuzhou.  Tender and tasty fishes caught from deep stream,  wine with bouquet brewed out of clear water of the spring, and edible wild herbs make a spread of delicious food hosted by the magistrate.  There is no music playing, but the clamor out of the winners from the games of archery and chessborad, the cups go gaily round at the party, and people stand and sit, that make the love feast a joyful gathering.  The drink has made a pale-faced, grey-hair old man slightly tipsy and fatigued.  It is magistrate who has been drunk.


Ere long the Sun sets; people are scattering and the magistrate is returning home with his quests following suit.  Chirpy birds are singing happily through shady forests covered by leafy trees as humans have gone away.  Well, birds do know they are free and merry because they are the inhabitants of the mountains and forests, but they do not know why people are so happy, also.  People have fun touring with the magistrate; however, they do not understand he is happy because of their contentment.  Who is able to heartily share the joy with others when he is tipsy, and is able to illustrate the story afterwards when he is sober?  It is the magistrate.  But who is the magistrate, anyway?  Ouyang Xiu of Luling, its me.