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2019/09/17 06:03
Someone sent me a piece of UK reportage the other day via LINE, which had been concerning the purported non-existent doctoral thesis "wriiten" by Wonky Cai, so as the concomitant Ph.D degree "awarded" to her. 
Then I was curious about the credibility of Wordpress, the "media"; is it a mainstream newspaper or something?  Well, it is actually a blogging platform, like UDN here.  So I cannot verify what the author said, but the words sounded reasonable to me.  Please read them by yourselves if you are interested in.        
PS Ordinary people are liable to flaunt their academic achievement, especially those achieved in prestigious schools.  Once I went to see a lawyer in her office for company business when I was working at NYC.  Incidentally, I noticed there were two pieces of framed paper hanging on the upper part of the wall right behind where she was sitting.  One is her certificate as an attorny-at-law in New York, and the other one is her JD degree from U. of Virginia.  When I praised Virginia is prestigious law school, she seemed a lot pleased with herself.  If Wonky Cai does have ever acquired a Ph.D degree out of an outstanding thesis from LSE; normally, she should not be that reluctantly to show them up to public.          
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