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Application range and advantages of color sorter
2022/09/28 14:32

At present, the wesort color sorter has been widely used in the processing industries that require color sorting of solid particulate materials, such as food, agricultural products, chemical and mineral processing industries.

In the case where unqualified products and qualified products cannot be separated by screening equipment because the particle size is very close, or the density is basically the same and cannot be separated by specific gravity separation equipment, the color sorter can be effectively separated, and its unique role is very obvious.

Color sorter can be used in agricultural food, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially suitable for rice, tea, sesame, beans, melon seeds, raisins, small yellow rice, buckwheat, glass, plastic, cinder, ore, peanut, cottonseed , wolfberry, pepper and other color selection.

Compared with manual selection: labor saving, time saving, high efficiency and low processing cost. Improve the quality and economic and social benefits of the selected products.


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