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芝麻事: Beginning of an End
2016/02/14 13:52


We have known the End will come; and we've fortressed our mentalities, pretending we would be OK to face the final moment; we claimed this EOW (end of work) should be the beginning of a joyful life.

No more getting up early, Monday to Friday
No more driving to office during snow storm
No more none-stop works after works
No more strugling in solving problems
No more anger for unfairness
No more frustration due to tension, stupidity, laziness, ...

You will stay at home doing absolute nothing (not even reading books), for at least 3 weeks, that was what you said.


I refused to take over your personal notes for work, told you no need to pass all the office supplies to me because my life time at work is limited as well. I was cool in contrast of your sentimental tear drops when I showed you the picture-frame and interpreted the meaning of pictures from my selection, in honor of the friendship; wished you to have a good time and enjoy those bottles of wine I put in the package for you.

You, the woman of softest heart I have ever known. Pictures of symbols of how I see you; silly, woman, don't cry. A nameless wild red flower as the warm heart of yours with beautiful golden rim, pure white daisy a sign of Fibonacci Numbers that combines our mindsets, Summer Jasimine beneath the keyboards indicates the little joy we shared beside the boring work ... told you be sure to wear our Friday-Twin-Tees to take the last picture of us under the Company logo, I wanted this picture downloaded to thumbdrive followed by your favorite: the famous BabyDog's spit tongue picture ... let them run on the picture-frame to show what we feel.

simple, pretty

simple, pretty

simple, pretty

simple, pretty

simple, pretty

You cleaned up your desk and waited for the last HR exit finale; I left you along and went back to my work. Noon passed, your side of building vacant. Later, your email sent from home, at the usual 2pm Friday afternoon popcorn time, the only relexation you loved at work, for it meant the whole week's hard work near its end; you're saying sorry you did not stop by to say goodbye, you concluded Friendship Forever!!

That's very OK, I knew you would have cried. I don't want that. Had you cried, should I, or would I cry too? You know I never cried, I don't like tears, not even when I shared precious fables of my BabyDog, it was you the water pot, not I.

Let us see, shall you keep your promise to come for the pop corn?


I cleaned my desk, ready to leave, late as usual. Thought of you. Reality attacked. This is it, the meaning of your EOW to me are:

No more our daily morning chat
No more sharing work experiences
Nor more sharing families lives

I lost one arm last year for Mav, I lost another arm, today.
The EOW surpposed to be the end of one stage of yours turns to be the beginning of my sadness and emptiness.

A Beginning of Missing my BFF~

Nonetheless, Life Goes On,
C.V., My Friend, Enjoy Your Retirement!!




Yesterday, met Jim who have shifted his job to the 3rd floor to escape this wave of cut, told him that I have lost my two arms ... he made fun of me, saying how were you working without arms? Well, that's not a problem to respond quickly, I picked your favorite joke, told him that I've started to use my toes to do the shittie job left to me now! You'd be so proud of my humor inherited from you.

You've trained me well, BFF.




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2樓. 包╰Φ╯包
2016/02/19 18:06


cold in dimming!

§常笑 §吃對 §嗟來 § 所以茶飯不思,因為剛從藏春路飲完渣
Dimming is better to view the Shooting Stars. nothing special2016/02/20 09:47回覆
1樓. OZ & SUSAN
2016/02/16 20:19



有道是: 路遙知馬力,日久見人心,還得等到退休之日,吃完拍拍手走人,才知交到的是酒肉朋友;才說OZ嘴甜唬弄Susan不說,udn一票人也都唬得好有成群、、、現下方知一山還有一山高~


有機會跟Susan逛街的話,我還會是老套: ㄝ,Susan阿,你進去幫我瞧瞧,我在外頭等你就好了!! 親你一下

nothing special2016/02/17 08:53回覆