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芝麻事: 難忘的這一天
2023/09/11 05:59


22 Years After... Yes, I Remember Every Minute of What Had Happened That Day...


Remembering 9/11 | 60 Minutes Full Episodes  


And, this is how the sad story ended.

Killing Osama bin Laden: President Obamas story | 60 Minutes Full Episodes 






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1樓. Sir Norton 黑幫哪裡黑?
2023/09/13 11:15


I am not sure of the "40%" population who are crazy fans of tRump. It is correct more than 50% of stupit Republicans support that sneaky Lier; but, do remember size of Dems greater than size of hypocrite Republicans. 

It is the out of date "Winner Takes All" unique American system creates the problem of a President was not elected by the popluate votes. I think it is time to let the wired system to retired.

Well, are you moving to Chicagoland? Is my townhouse quilifed for room to rent? It might. The basement may have more privacy then the spared room but it is full of junk down there. Ha!

Chicago suburb is not bad to stay, close to Chicago without the high crime like the city. Midwest envirement is not as bad as the two coasts. No earthquake, no hurriicane, no fear of lacking water (we have the Lakes), yes, we have cold winter but who would go out to drive on a Winter Storm? Very soon, it is time of beautiful Fall season to enjoy~

nothing special2023/09/15 04:15回覆
stupid Republicans nothing special2023/09/15 04:16回覆

Another careless proof-reading: 
by the popluation votes. I think it is time to let the wired system retired.

nothing special2023/09/15 09:25回覆