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2023/11/17 12:56

For a long time, several warts had been creeping onto my face, but I opted to ignore them because I thought, as long as they were not harmful, I would not pay much attention to my appearance. Now I must change my mind.

Recently, I found there were warts swollen on both sides of the bridge of my nose, and they were close to my eyes. I reckoned that they must be removed lest they have an adverse effect on my eyes. Therefore, yesterday I went to a skin clinic for help, but the doctor said I should take an aesthetic medicine to remove the warts. Aesthtic medicine? I never thought it would happen to me. Anyway, I followed the suggestion to receive the "surgery" of ridding the two warts plus another four from my face.

I do not know if the "surgery" is successful or not. Anyway, I am going to have six black dots on my face for about a week.

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1樓. 飛天破學校的費歐納
2023/11/21 13:02

for the six black dots……you may need to take another ……