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2023/07/06 21:05

This morning, a piece of shocking news popped out before my eyes: a famous female singer, CoCo, committed suicide in her home and died at only 48. Actually, I knew very little about her. The only image she gave me was of a healthy, bright, effusive singer and dancer on stage.

But the report said the reason for her death was melancholia or depression. People may wonder why the illness is associated with a lady like CoCo, who is perhaps pretty, sexy, and wealthy. I have no idea about that. But a few of the people I know—friends, colleagues, classmates, and even relatives had been inflicted with the illness, and some of them finally killed themselves, too. What a dreadful illness it is!

As far as I know, the only effective way to curb the illness nowadays is to take medication regularly and not stop. It is a typical catastrophic disease, even worse than others, because it is not only an endless tribulation for the patients but also the hardest task for their closest loved ones. I wish you guys and the people you love well with the illness.

PS: Please share with me a very old song "My Melancholy Baby,", sung by Frank Sinatra, at

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