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Post articles in your own blog please. If you’d like to express your opinions in an article, write up one in your own blog. Sorry this is my blog not yours - I will delete your article(s) posted here in no time - that’s just rude.
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2020/09/11 07:10

Thank you! share mine with you. strech and rotation. :)

Thanks AL, I wish you a smooth recovery ~~~ 閃Fox加油Celine (好累的一學期)2020/09/11 17:10 回覆
2020/09/09 11:14
請問Celine 可以分享妳的鬆背運動?

Dear AL, they are 1. cat and cow, and then 2. the baby pose.

Please note that it's better you do the Pilates versions especially for the baby pose - it helps stretch your whole back, so I'd suggest you start from doing it very gently and then deepen it if you can.

Celine 微笑

Celine (好累的一學期)2020/09/10 09:56 回覆