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Cancun trip 2010 (Day 4)
2010/08/10 03:35

We woke up to a Typhoon weather this morning. When it rains, it pours. It is ever so true here in Cancun. 

After breakfast, we went swimming with some dolphins. Cameras were not allowed in the pool, so we were not able to snap any cool pictures. They took pictures of us and then made us pay outrageous amount of money to buy them (USD $229 for one photo, would you pay that much? Plus, they took tons of pictures of you, you can't purchase just one). After a frustrating bargain session, we walked away without any photos with the dolphins. 

After lunch, Maximus and I decided to go on an excursion. 

This place is called Xcaret. The admission was more than I would accept, but I heard it was a stunning place, so Maximus and I took a chance. (All the pictures here were uploaded backwards in order. The last picture was the beginning of the adventure)

(Smiling in the rain)
(Dancing in the rain)
(Trying to stay dry)
(Saw a mysterious animal)
(A little girl about 2 years old came up to me from behind and touched my braids. When I turned around to talk to her, she walked away. Later on, the father of the girl told me that his wife also had braids like mine, and the little girl had mistaken me as her mother. I found the mother of the little girl and asked for a photo together. Look at our hair! No wonder the little girl was confused!)
Flamingo stand

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2樓. 瓜牛 - 陸戰隊日記
2010/08/26 06:28

親愛的瓜牛,謝謝您的留言。我們在Cancun的飯店非常exclusive,除了飯店裡的員工之外,其他人進出飯店都必需經過守衛森嚴的守門員檢查手腕上的識別帶(照片裡我和老公的手腕上都有繫著),所以沒黑道出沒的事件。但我們和飯店的小弟聊天時,他告訴我們在墨西哥城的治安非常亂,旅客最好避免獨自行動。 Hope Youngblood2010/08/26 12:22回覆
1樓. 東村James
2010/08/10 12:33


對啊!那裡真是個地靈人傑的好地方,充滿了精彩的歷史文化寶藏,真希望能很快再有機會回去。 Hope Youngblood2010/08/10 23:21回覆