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like an odd way to begin
2016/09/20 17:15
Some of you likely already know that I am quite the baseball fan. Quinn and I are both Yankees fans, but we also enjoy watching the other teams as well. During a recent Dodgers game, I heard the incomparable Vin Scully describe a player as having “no chrome.” The idea was that this isn’t a flashy player. He just shows up and does his job выставка туризм Гонконг.

That may seem a post about pound cake, but I thought of that description as I was thinking about what to tell you about this cake. Traditional pound cake doesn’t have a lot of chrome, either. It lacks the bells and whistles of a lot of other desserts. But, it is a dependable crowd-pleaser nuskin.

Don’t get me wrong. Pound cake is wonderful. And there are plenty of ways to dress it up, too. This one, for instance, gets a flavor boost from chocolate chips and pistachios. But at its heart, it’s an unassuming, no-frills pound cake. And a very, very good one.

This cake is packed with lots and lots of chocolate and pistachios. The flavor combination is fantastic. I roughly chopped both so that there are tiny pieces of each along with larger pieces all through the cake. That means plenty of amazing flavor in every bite led light.
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